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Thanks for visiting   -Mike Smith, Computer Artist

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FootSoldier1.jpg (106051 bytes)FootSoldier2.jpg (104730 bytes)FootScuba.jpg (108022 bytes)FootMystic1.jpg (93990 bytes)FootMystic2.jpg (101275 bytes)

Ninja Turtles CG Pilot                             THQ WWE WrestleMania X8 Ad
FootHeadQuarters.jpg (37139 bytes)                                    TheHulkster.jpg (12131 bytes)TheHulkster2.jpg (124205 bytes)

Donner Fox Family Christmas Special (screenshots from a few of my scenes)
Donner1.jpg (31986 bytes)Donner2.jpg (22877 bytes)Donner3.jpg (27386 bytes)Donner4.jpg (23728 bytes)Donner5.jpg (27301 bytes)

Old Work
Junior.jpg (35657 bytes)FatRat1.jpg (134373 bytes)FatRat2.jpg (139720 bytes)

Low Polygon Models
Alluvian.jpg (123402 bytes)TonkaJoe.jpg (136613 bytes)JetSki.jpg (96389 bytes) 
I only textured these jetski models
Derrick.jpg (26456 bytes)Britt.jpg (23981 bytes)Coach.jpg (23750 bytes)