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"Companies I've Worked for" Websites




Day 1 Studios – Where I work doing animations for the LucasArt’s game Fracture



Super 78 - Where I used to work animating on various FX projects for film such as:


Twisted Whiskers – Animated American Greetings Card Company’s wacky cats and dogs in 6 of their 9 animated tests.

Shredderman Rules! – Animated the disco dancing guinea pigs sequence in this Nickelodeon Original movie.

Ben 10: Race Against Time – Animated the Grey Matter character’s sequence which was subsequently nominated for a 2007 VES (Visual Effects Society) award for BEST ANIMATED CHARACTER IN A LIVE ACTION BROADCAST PROGRAM OR COMMERCIAL



Autonomy- Did a freelance job for FX channel's Upfronts 2005 campaign.  Did everything involved for the computer animated portion except for the post processing of the shots.



Crystal Dynamics - Animated for the games Whiplash, Project: Snowblind and Tomb Raider Legend also did some pickup work for Thief: Deadly Shadows and 25 to Life distributed by Edios Interactive.



Realm Interactive- Their game eXarch was going to blow people away. Unfortunately I think Realm went out of business sometime after I left.



Rainbow Studios - Where I used work  in the animation division.  Good times!  I worked on various television and game products such as:


Starship Troopers: Roughneck Chronicles- television show, lit and setup shots for "The Inside Story" and "The Ice Men Goeth" episodes of the Zephyr Campain

Centipede- modeled characters for animated series that was never picked up.  Too bad, it had some really cool character designs.

ATV Offroad Fury- Playstation 2 game.  Animated one of the in game end cinematics.

Splashdown- Playstation 2/Xbox game.  Modeled and textured jetski characters.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- tv "pilot" for animated series that was never bought. Modeled characters, animated, lit and setup shots.

Donner- Half hour Christmas special for ABC Family.  Modeled, animated, setup shots.

Tak and the Power of Juju- cinematic for E3 2002.



Professor Fog's & - Some friends started a little game company.  I did some freelance Screaming Games   animations for their Wizmo's Workshop game.  Unfortunately Fog's went out of business.



Cinematix Studios- My first computer animation employer.  Animated on Revenant for Eidos Interactive.  Those were the days...  I think they are now out of business.





My Buddies' Websites


Josh Spradling - Check out his stop motion art school project....hahahaha







Boyd Lake - All I can say is, this guy can model chicks.








Ryan Wieber - Okay I've never actually worked with this guy, kind of a friend of a friend type thing, but you've got to see his Ryan vs. Dorkman lightsaber fight. Amazing!





Howard Lyon - An amazing artist, his paintings and sketches are simply beautiful, learned a lot about texturing just by looking at his stuff.






Dustin Dobson - I believe he's looking for a new game artist job now, so if any companies are browsing...hint hint.  (just send the finders fee check to me)








Some "Artists that I wish were My Buddies" Websites


Bobby "BOOM" Beck - Pixar animator, it's unbelievable how good those Pixar guys are.


Cameron Miyasaki - Pixar animator, went from intern to employee, very inspirational.


Victor Navone - Pixar animator, if you haven't seen "alien song" yet, go download it now.


Carlos Baena - Pixar animator, check out his animations, Amazing! Will he ever finish his "Screws" short film though? I hope so.


Ron Zorman - Pixar animator, good stuff


Michael Thurmeier - Blue Sky animator, if you like that "nutty" Ice Age Squirrel...he's the guy to thank


Mark Behm - Blue Sky animator, more amazing animations


Keith Lango - Blur animation supervisor, this guy is like a short film machine.


Michael Comet - Used to work at Blue Sky, I believe he's at DNA now.


Daniel Martinez Lara - Take a trip to PepeLand! 





Animation Companies Websites


Walt Disney - Treasure Planet, Lilo and Stitch, Dinosaur, Tarzan, Lion King...


Pixar Studios - Finding Nemo, Monster's Inc., Bug's Life, Toy Story 1&2...


Blue Sky Studios - Ice Age, Bunny...


PDI/Dreamworks - Shrek, Antz...


DNA Productions - Jimmy Nuetron...


Big Idea - Veggie Tales...


Imageworks - Stuart Little 1&2...


ILM - Star Wars, Jurassic Park...


Evil Plan Studios - Not sure what they've worked on...


Tippett Studio - Bunny and Guinea Pig Blockbuster & Capitol One Troll commercials... 



Entertainment - Starcraft is the most amazing game ever created.  Warcraft 3 was a close second though.





Animation Reference and Resource Websites


CG Talk - An AMAZING forum for artist to discuss and show their work.


The 11 Second Club - A cool animation website where they run a contest every month using a different 11 second sound clip from a movie.  Everyone votes on who's animation was the best at using that sound clip.

You may remember the old 10 second club that closed down and has remained down for years now.  But check this out, now there's this new one that goes to 11, AND the winner each month gets a free E-critique from an Animation Mentor instructor.  SWEETNESS!


Ain't It Cool News - If it ain't cool it's not on this website, if it is, it is


Animation World - Find out what's going on in the animation industry



CG Channel - Check out what's going on in the CG world.  It's updated every single day!


CG Char Forums - See what other animators and artist are saying on a variety of topics.  If you are brave you can post animations for review.


3D Cafe - First computer artist related website I ever went to.  Thought I would include it for nostalgia.  Gallery and tutorials to check out there.


Preston Blair's

Animation Book - If your an animator you've seen this book.  The coolest thing about the website is they animated all his example drawings in gif format.


Subway - I know, I know, not really an animation resource, but when you're working animator's hours you get hungry, then Subway becomes a very, very valuable animation resource indeed.